Shoals of Pouting

We went to a Bob Fox concert (Songman from War Horse) the other day, with our good friends Mick and Sylvia.  It was an intimate little affair in Colyford village hall, with a small but appreciative audience and we were thoroughly entertained for a couple of hours with both song and humorous anecdote.

Anyway, Bob Fox opened his set with ‘Shoals of Herring’; an evocative folk song about a bygone industry.  This song has been covered lots of times in various styles and with varying lyrics.  The Bob Fox version is superb and there are some other beautiful cover versions on YouTube; sadly, this isn’t one of them…


4 thoughts on “Shoals of Pouting

    1. Not sure Sylvia; although the words of ‘Shoals of Pouting’ relate to Lyme Bay, the associated photos were taken a couple of years ago in Norway. I had looked to ‘Rousdon offshore Ramblers’ for suitable media, but bloody Hansell only takes photos of people holding fish, which don’t work with my lyrics.


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