You been jabbed yet?

A mate mentioned an old Led Zeppelin song to me the other day. Nice tune, but understanding the lyrics was challenging.

And then I noticed that a biproduct of us all becoming isolated and insulated is that we’re losing the art of how to open a conversation with a stranger. Instead of a friendly ‘hiya’ or ‘how-ya-dooin’ the conversation starter is invariably “you been jabbed yet?”

Which is how my latest affront to popular music came into being. The process was the same as usual; I hear an old tune and an earworm gets planted. Then something crops up which distorts a particular lyric. There’s not much of a stretch between ‘stairway to heaven’ and ‘covid injection’ and the rest of the words in the original only needed minor tweaking to take on a topical theme.

Technically though it’s been enjoyably challenging on all fronts. As my resident critic pointed out, even with ‘Isabella’ (she’s a guitar) tuned down a notch, it’s too high for me. Also, I’m not that familiar with excursions along Isabella’s neck, so the positional changes required some tinkering about at the editing phase. And as for the associated video… nuff said, suffice to say, this attempt has exceeded my competence on every level; never mind, It’s just for a laugh, so I’m still going to share đŸ™‚

Anyway, Stairway to Freedom (aka Covid Injection) was a fun way to pass a bit of lockdown and learn something new, so together with an apology to the Led Zeppelin fans, herewith….

2 thoughts on “You been jabbed yet?

  1. Brilliant Graham!

    (But lower Isabella down another notch or two – she wont mind, and it’ll save you wearing those tight trousers) Cheers, Frank

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