Anti social media (?)

I’m dead anti… social media because it’s antisocial.  Nevertheless, a few weeks ago I decided to find out what the fuss was about so within the space of an hour or so I’d set up accounts for Facebook, twitter and WordPress.  I embarked on this mission partly out of the need to try and keep up with life, but also because I enjoy writing and one of these days I may even have a serious go at it (doubtful, but possible).  To have any success a would-be author needs to use social media, engage with ‘followers’ and do all that blogging bollocks that you hear people talking about.  Anyway, modern technology never ceases to amaze me, especially what you can get for free, which is why I broke my ‘vow of silence’ at a meeting the other day.  I was the note taker, and as such, I was there just to take notes.  Nevertheless…

I was taking these notes at a Board of Directors meeting for an organisation that runs a large rural estate.  Between them they manage a wide range of tasks; everything from waste treatment to woodland management and they do this for roughly a hundred households who, thanks to their efforts are able to enjoy a pretty wonderful and unique environment.

It was getting towards the end of the meeting when the question of how to update the estate website cropped up, someone mentioned “social media”, and with that, I dropped my pencil and butted in.  A heated debate followed and it became obvious that despite many of us using social media, most of us remain extremely suspicious, especially given all the fake news shenanigans.  However, after the meeting, I thought some more and since blogging is all about sharing some thoughts, this is me… blogging!

The problem with running a website is that someone needs to update it.  The more comprehensive and ‘in the moment’ the website is, the more onerous the task.  If you create space for different people to provide input, then someone has to manage them.  No matter how small your organisation is, you need to keep control over you image.  Just imagine giving the local angling society access to your website; in no time, the whole thing would reek of fish!

On the other hand, if you keep your website as small as possible and concentrate on what is core to your operation, then you can invite local interest groups to give you a link to their own blog or Facebook page… something like this

My point is that OK, a hell of a lot of what you find on social media is drivel and some of it is dangerous and just plain evil.  However, there is nothing wrong with the medium; use it on your own terms and it could be useful.

One thought on “Anti social media (?)

  1. Yes, that’s an argument. Broadly rejected. The individual points raised are fine, probably valid to a point. However, it seems to be a “let’s never bother to do anything” kind of argument. Why get out of bed? You’ll only have to get back into it again! I am afraid it is a value judgement choice, particularly regarding websites in this instance. If it improves the collective in some way, then it is a minor burden that someone will gladly bear, as may be evidenced in your para two above. Your comments on Social Media are fine but you seem to confuse that with websites which are different. Your solution with regards to websites and links etc invites one’s website to be lowered to a lower common denominator over which you will have no control. Further, you seem to give scant regard to website “purpose” and you betray little appreciation of the psychology of website usage.

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