Doing What I’m Told

Some years ago I concluded that life was easier, less frustrating and just as fulfilling if I simply did what I was told.  This is not to say that I abandoned trying to make things better through dialogue and practical contribution; it’s just been a case learning to recognise when the point has come to shut up, knuckle down and get on with it as prescribed by those in authority.

And, not only have I stood on both sides of the authoritative fence, at times I’ve been ‘the fence’.  I’ve argued vehemently with authority about plans that I deemed were wrong, but having had my crack at influencing a decision, when the time came I ‘sold’ that decision to my team with absolute conviction; after all, that was what I was paid to do.  And, sometimes, it transpired that ‘management’ were right in the first place and it all turned out okay.

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